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Technische Handelsonderneming Nederland b.v.

Postbus 390
7500 AJ Enschede
The Netherlands
T. +31 (0)53 432 34 46
F. +31 (0)53 430 71 58

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The Netherlands

Hardened ground shafts from stock in CF53, X46Cr13, X90CrMoV18, etc.

Our standard range contains a very wide selection of hardened ground shafts (often referred to as a linear motion shafts or precision shafts). THN keeps an extremely large stock of shafts in steel, chrome steel and stainless steel types, and is expanding this selection on a daily basis. The hardened shafts are often used in linear guides, general mechanical engineering (instead of standard ground shafts for long service intervals), as pins for heavy loads and as angle bars for bending machines.

Besides the standard shafts, we also deliver shafts with special/different tolerances (f7, k5 etc). We also offer various types of machining such as axial and radial holes with or without thread, flat sides, key ways and threads.

The standard range includes but is not limited to:

TS - Precision shafts metric 3 to 120mm
TT - Hollow precision shafts metric 12 to 100mm
TS - Precision shafts imperial 1/4" to 3"
TD - Precision shafts, predrilled metric 12 to 50mm

These shafts are optionally available with a hard chrome layer.

Stock / Machining

The stock at THN comprises more than 50 tons of hardened and ground shafts that are available in trade lengths varying from around 6 to 8 metres in length. The most common material is CF53 (1.1213), which can be supplied from stock in almost all sizes. Since machining these shafts (and making them the right length) is often more difficult to achieve with conventional machines because of the high surface hardness, we are happy to do this for you.

We have two grinding machines with which we grind the shafts to size for our customers. We can also offer economic and fast shaft machining, which is done partly in-house and partly by reliable and experienced partners.

Grinding machine Drilling and tapping machine Measuring equipment


All shafts delivered by THN are hardened through induction hardening and then (if necessary) straightened. After being checked for hardness, structure and size, the shafts are ground several times by centreless grinding machines until the desired tolerance is reached. Grinding several times means we can guarantee low surface roughness, straightness, parallelness, roundness and tolerance.


The shafts can be delivered in different materials. The most common are:

Material Surface hardness
Surface roughness
Ra max.
Std. Tolerance
CF53 DIN 1.1213 60-64 0,30 ISO h6
CK55 DIN 1.1203 60-64 0,30 ISO h6
42CrMo4 DIN 1.7225 55-60 0,30 ISO h6
X46Cr13 * DIN 1.4034 52-55 0,30 ISO h6
X90CrMoV18 * DIN 1.4112 54-57 0,30 ISO h6
X105CrMo17 * DIN 1.4125 53-60 0,30 ISO h6

* stainless steel

Chrome layer properties (optional)

Shafts with a chrome layer have the following advantages:

Technical data of chrome layer:

Property Value
Chrome layer thickness 8-15µm
Chrome layer hardness 800HV - 1100HV
Corrosion-proofing Good, but can be improved through polishing
Cr(VI) free Yes

* Other coatings such as zinc-iron galvanisation or special chrome coatings are available on request.

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