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Postbus 390
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T. +31 (0)53 432 34 46
F. +31 (0)53 430 71 58

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Self-lubricating sintered bronze bearings

As standard, self-lubricating sintered bearings are impregnated with oil to achieve the self-lubricating effect. However, lubricant additives such as graphite and MoS2 may also be used. THN has a range of bronze and iron sintered bearings and many years of experience in standard and customer-specific bearing solutions.

THN has a wide standard range in various tolerances (including E7/r7, G7/s7 and F7/s7). The standard stock range contains more than 800 cylindrical bearings, 400 collar bearings and 110 hollow and solid rod sizes. In addition to our standard range, we also deliver many articles according to customer specifications and drawings. The customer-specific articles are bearings with deviating tolerances, special notches, spherical (self-adjusting) bearings and other shapes.

The most important properties of self-lubricating sintered bronze bearings are:

The suitability of self-lubricating sintered bearings is as follows:

Conditions Sinter bronze Sinter iron Graphite bronze
Dry ++ ++ ++
Oil ++ ++ X
Grease + + X
Water X X ++
Process fluid X X X

Technical data

Permitted loads for the sintered bearings are as follows:

Mechanical value Sinter bronze Sinter iron Graphite bronze
PV (N/mm²·m/s) continuous 1,8 1,6 0,4
P max. (N/mm²) continuous 10 9,5 2,5
P max. (N/mm²) static 50 50 40
V max. (m/s) continuous 6 6 0,25
Maximum temperature + 90°C + 90°C + 300°C
Minimum temperature - 20°C - 20°C - 40°C

The standard tolerances in the range carried by THN are:

Manufacturing tolerance (d/D) Type Bearing housing Arbor press Final tolerance Shaft
E7/r7 SBC
SBK (d<45)
H7 s5 F7 h8
E8/r8 SBK (d>=45) H7 s5 F7 h8
G7/s7 SBC H7 s5 H7 f7
G8/s8 SBK H8 s5 H8 f7
F7/s7 SBC H7 m6 H7 f7
F8/s8 SBK H8 m6 H8 f7

* Type: SBC = Cylindrical bearings, SBK = Collar bearing
* d/D: d = shaft diameter, D = outside diameter

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