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THN specializes in technical products we have divided into five product groups: plain bearings, piston rings, Fey laminar rings, sintered filters and linear components. The entire range is stored in our central warehouse and our production site in Enschede. From there we serve the professional market and every day deliver our products to hundreds of customers worldwide. A wide range of millions of products, efficient logistics and far-reaching automation mean we can deliver in no time. Besides the standard range, we are also increasingly providing custom products, Which we design and produce according to exact customer specifications.

Piston rings

Piston rings

THN’s piston ring range consists of more than four million items in 20,000 sizes and types, with a diameter range of 10 mm to 3000 mm. Alongside the wide range of piston rings THN always has in stock, we also produce custom piston rings according to exact customer specifications.
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Piston rings
THN piston rings types

Piston ring types

Piston ring joints

Piston ring joints

Piston ring options

Piston ring options

Fey laminar rings

Fey laminar rings

As an official distributor of Fey laminar rings, the range of these consists of more than 100,000 items of laminar rings in stock with a deliverable diameter from 15 mm to 1300 mm. The Fey laminar rings are primarily effective for grease seals and for retaining liquids, dirt and dust. Fey laminar rings have excellent sealant qualities for rotating parts.
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Fey laminar rings

Plain bearings

THN Plain bearings

THN’s plain bearing range comprises plain bearings, flanged bearings, strips and thrust washers with and without a flange. THN has over 1,000,000 million plain bearings in stock in 6,500 sizes and types. And for the growing demand for plain bearings with different specifications, THN delivers custom plain bearings. The custom plain bearings are designed and produced according to exact customer specifications.
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THN Plain bearings
Sintered bronze bearings

Sintered bronze

PTFE bearings


POM Bearings


THN Bearings


Gedrehte Gleitlager aus Bronze


Maintenance-free plain bearings with lubricating plugs


Other bearings


Made to measure bearings


Sintered filters

THN Sintered filters

THN has a wide standard range of sintered filters, also known as PUKS. Sintered filters are often used as mufflers, although more applications are possible depending on the type of sintered filter, such as safety measures, filtering and separating, dispersing and equalizing. As well as its standard range of sintered filters, THN can also supply a great deal of customization. These sintered filters are developed and produced in close collaboration with the customer.
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THN Sintered filters

PUKS Silencers

Made to measure sintered filter


Linear components

Linear components

The range of linear components THN delivers consists of hardened ground shafts, linear ball bearings, linear bearing housing, shaft support blocks, shaft support rails and cross seals. The shafts are made to length in our own production site and ground and deburred through manual beveling.
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Linear components
Hardened ground shafts linear


Linear ball bearings

Ball bearings

Linear housings

Bearing housings

Shaft support blocks


Shaft support rails


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