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Linear precision shafts are steel shafts the outer layer of which has been induction hardened. They are primarily known for their linear application, and are also called linear shafts or precision shafts. The hardened exterior and the “soft” core mean the shafts are highly durable and brittleness is prevented.

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Hardened shafts stock

Operations of precision shafts

For cutting the shaft to length and adding all required features we have our own linear machining center. Common operations include axial and radial holes, these are usually provided with thread. In addition most other operations are also possible, such as holes, flat sides and keyways. We are happy to advise you on the  required operations.

Machining of shafts

Hardened Ground Shafts Production and Operations

Properties of precision shafts

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Key properties of precision shafts are:

  • High-precision tolerances on diameter
  • High-precision tolerance on roundness
  • High-precision tolerance on straightness
  • High-precision tolerance on parallelism
  • Low surface roughness
  • High wear resistance due to hard exterior

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Applications of precision shafts

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Common application of precision shafts are:

  • Linear applications
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Hinge pins for heavy loads
  • Piston rods for heavy-duty applications
  • Corner profiles for bending machines
  • Basic material for ball screws
  • Drive shafts for heavy-duty applications

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Product finder shafts

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Find the right shaft for your applications with the online product finder. Enter the values you need, choose a type of shaft and the product finder will calculate the maximum deflection of the shaft. This way you immediately know which axles are most suitable for your application.

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Download linear brochure

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Download our brochure in which you can read everything about our range of hardened ground shafts, ball bushing bearings, bearing housings, shaft bocks and shaft supports. You will find extensive overviews of types, sizes and versions.

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