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Always more than 1 million plain bearings in stock in 6,500 sizes and designs

THN's range comprises plain bearings, flanged bearings, strips and thrust washers with and without a flange. In addition to our broad range, we can nearly always supply plain bearings made from other materials in other dimensions, tolerances and designs.

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Sintered bronze bearings

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Sintered bronze bearings and flanged bearings are characterized by being self-lubricating and maintenance-free. Sintered plain bearings are made of porous bronze or iron and are usually filled with oil. Their high permissible sliding velocities make sintered bronze bearings ideally suited for rotating applications.

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PTFE bearings

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PTFE bearings, flanged bearings and thrust washers are ideal for applications with high loads and moderate speeds. They are characterized by being maintenance-free. The PTFE bearings are produced according to ISO 3547.

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POM bearings

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POM bearings and thrust washers have been specially developed for marginally lubricated applications and can thus function for long periods with minimal lubrication. The POM bearings are produced according to ISO 3547.

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Wrapped bronze bearings

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Wrapped bronze bearings and flanged bearings are ideal for applications where there are high levels of contamination. Their sliding surface is provided with diamond-shaped lubrication pockets or a hole pattern. The wrapped bronze bearings are produced according to ISO 3547.

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Solid bronze bearings

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Solid bronze bearings and flanged bearings are highly suited to demanding applications in challenging environments. This makes the solid bronze bearings ideal for a wide variety of applications.

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Maintenance-free bearings with lubricating plugs

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Maintenance-free plain bearings with lubricating plugs are suitable for heavy loads, high temperatures, vibrations and for use in corrosive environments. By using CuAI10Ni with specific lubricating plugs, the maintenance-free plain bearing can also be used in applications with salt water.

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Product finder plain bearings

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Find the right plain bearings for your applications with the online product finder. Enter the values for the load, speed, inner diameter and length. You immediately get an overview of the type of plain bearings that match the entered values. This way you know exactly which plain bearings are most suitable for your application.

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Custom plain bearings

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If you’re looking for different specifications for your plain bearings, flanged bearings and thrust washers, THN can help you develop custom plain bearings. Custom plain bearings often differ in materials, dimensions and tolerances. Together with you, we always seek out a solution for providing you with suitable, custom plain bearings.

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Other plain bearings

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Other plain bearings, flanged bearings and thrust washers are less common but are just as crucial for specific applications and are often required to operate under changing conditions.

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Download plain bearing brochure

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Download the brochure in which you can read everything about our range of plain bearings. It contains a plain bearing overview, a specification overview and more information about materials and lubrication. Of course you will also find the complete size lists in the brochure.

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