THN has been a well known technical supplier since 1940

THN specializes in technical products that we have divided into five product groups: piston rings, Fey laminar rings, plain bearings, sintered filters and linear components. We’re able to deliver these millions of products in no time through smart stocking, extensive IT automation and efficient logistics. And our objective is to always score 100% customer satisfaction. We are improving all the time, as we are working on this day after day. Because besides specializing in technical products, we can also build on the more than 80 years of experience THN has accumulated, and on our three pillars: commitment, innovation and delivery.

Discover more than 80 years of THN history

  • 1940

    THN is established as a technical wholesaler

    THN history timeline 01 1

    The brothers H.J. Scheele and G.J.H. Scheele found the ‘Technische Handelsonderneming Nederland’ with a site in Enschede. They start a technical wholesaler in engine components.

  • 1950

    THN constructs and moves to a new premises

    THN history timeline 01

    The ‘Technische Handelsonderneming Nederland’ grows quickly from the start. In 1950, the decision was made to build a new premises at Hendrik ter Kuilestraat 30 in Enschede. Our sales department is currently located in this building.

  • 1970

    THN specializes in piston rings

    THN history timeline 04 1

    The ‘Technische Handelsonderneming Nederland’ starts specializing in piston rings. By buying up Nova’s factory stock, at one stroke it owns at least 1 million piston rings.

  • 1974

    THN adds plain bearings to its range

    THN history timeline 03 3

    Following the extension of the premises in the preceding years to accommodate the piston rings, it turns out there‘s also space for plain bearings. Plain bearings are added to the range as a new product group. At least 1 million plain bearings are now stocked.

  • 2001

    The premises are extended and updated

    THN history timeline 02

    The stock is continually extended due to growth increasing year on year. This means that the premises are regularly extended and updated over the years. At the start of this new century, the warehouse is once again extended by 200m2, making it a total of 1000m2.

  • 2006

    THN adds Fey laminar rings to its range

    THN history timeline 05

    Following continuous extension over the last 30 years, the ‘Technische Handelsonderneming Nederland’ adds the ‘Fey Lamellenringen GmbH’ agency as a new product group to the range. The abbreviation THN is also used for the first time.

  • 2007

    THN adds hardened ground shafts to its range

    THN history timeline 06 1

    The purchase of a new premises means there is space for extending the range with a new product group. THN adds hardened ground shafts to its range. These shafts are cut lengthwise and processed according to exact customer specifications.

  • 2013

    THN adds linear components to its range

    THN history timeline 07 1

    THN extends the product group of hardened ground shafts with linear ball bearings, bearing housings and shaft support rails. From that moment, the product group is rechristened linear components.

  • 2015

    THN celebrates its 75th anniversary

    THN history timeline 08

    THN proudly celebrates its 75th anniversary Alex and Wytse Scheele have since taken over the company from their father, and have now been at the helm of this fine family business for a number of years. And with this amazing anniversary a new era commences, since they aim to change and update THN in order to be able to serve customers even better.

  • 2018

    THN invests in the future

    THN history timeline 09

    THN wants to be at the forefront with the latest developments, so we’re investing heavily in making THN future-proof. An entirely new IT infrastructure has been set up, the storage capacity and linear processing center have been extended, and the machinery expanded. Hand in hand with this increased professionalization, THN is also presenting an entirely new, yet highly recognizable, look.

  • 2020

    New Customer Portal

    THN history timeline 10

    In a special year, in which THN also celebrates its 80th anniversary, we are introducing a completely new Customer Portal. Customers get direct insight into the current stock, graduated prices are visible live, and with search functions and filters, customers can easily find their products. Regular customers order directly from the Customer Portal and pay on account.

  • 2023

    Linear machining centre expansion

    About THN history 2023

    THN recently upgraded its linear machining centre with additional machines, including a polisher and a CNC lathe. These investments have been key to improving our production processes and meeting the highest quality standards, all with the ultimate aim of providing our customers with more multifunctional and high-quality solutions.

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