Sintered bronze bearings

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High sliding velocities and maintenance free

Sintered bronze bearings are characterized by being self-lubricating and maintenance-free. The sintered bronze bearings are made of porous bronze or iron and are usually filled with oil. Their high permissible sliding velocities make these sintered bronze bearings ideally suited to rotating applications.

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Advantages of sintered bronze bearings

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Main advantages of sintered bronze bearings include:

  • Self-lubricating
  • Maintenance-free
  • High sliding velocities
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Low-noise running

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Applications of sintered bronze bearings

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Sintered bronze bearings are most suitable for rotary applications requiring self-lubricating operation. Common applications are:

  • Packaging machines
  • Automotive
  • Power tools
  • Domestic appliances
  • Starter motors

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Most of the sintered bronze bearings supplied by THN are made from SINT A51 or a comparable material, and are 18% - 20% impregnated with mineral oil. THN can also supply sintered iron or bronze bearings with MoS2. Always ask us for instructions when bearings are being machined. This is necessary because of pores clogging.


Most sintered bronze bearings are oil-filled. When storing and installing sintered bronze bearings, they must not be allowed to come into contact with absorbent materials that could extract the oil from the bearings. Adding extra lubrication is not necessary under normal circumstances.

Specification overview of sintered bronze bearings

Specification overview
PropertiesSintered bronzeSintered ironMoS2
Max. load (Dyn/stat), N/mm210 / 509,5 / 502,5 / 50
Max. sliding speed m/s550.25
Max. PV value N/mm2 x m/s1.61.60.4
Temperature range, oC-10 / +90-10 / +90-50 / +300
Shaft toleranceSee brochureSee brochureSee brochure
Housing toleranceH7H7H7
Shaft roughnessRa < 0.8Ra < 0.8Ra < 0.8
Shaft hardnessHB > 220HB > 220HB > 220

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Download the brochure in which you can read everything about our range of plain bearings. It contains a plain bearing overview, a specification overview and more information about materials and lubrication. Of course you will also find the complete size lists in the brochure.

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