Piston ring joints

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Depending on the application, other piston rings can be used besides the standard joints. 

Besides the standard joint, piston rings can also be delivered with a hook joint, bevel joint, lap joint, gas-tight joint, side joint, inner joint and increased joint.

Overview of all piston joints

Joint types
TypeSection (click on the image to enlarge)Description
-THN Type StandaardslotStandard joint
BSTHN Type BSLap joint
HSTHN Type HSHook lap joint
SSRTHN Type SSRBevel joint right
SSLTHN Type SSLBevel joint left
GSTTHN Type GSTGas-tight joint straight
GSWTHN Type GSWGas-tight joint tangential
ETHN Type ESide joint
ZTHN Type ZInner joint
KTHN Type KEnlarged joint

Download piston ring brochure

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Download the brochure in which you will find everything about our piston rings. You can read more about the function of piston rings in the brochure and there is an extensive overview of all piston ring types, lock types, options and coatings.

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Need custom piston rings?

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In the case of very specific applications, the necessary piston rings may not be in stock. We also offer options for specially produced piston rings in any desired size and design. Delivery times are possible from 24 hours.

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