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More than 4 million piston rings in stock in 20,000 different sizes and types.

THN’s piston ring range consists of more than four million items in 20,000 sizes and types, with a diameter range of 10 mm to 3000 mm. Alongside the wide range of piston rings THN always has in stock, we also produce custom piston rings according to exact customer specifications.

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Piston ring materials, quality and applications

Piston rings are manufactured from many different materials, with cast iron and steel being the most common. Some more common materials are:

  • Gray cast iron (incl. GG25)
  • Nodular cast iron (incl. GGG50)
  • Bronze (incl. CuSn7 and CuSn10)
  • Steel (incl. 54SiCr6)
  • Stainless steel (incl. X90CrMoV18)

For the most part, piston rings are produced to comply with DIN and ISO standards. Some of the more common standards are:

  • ISO 662x series
  • DIN 709xx series
  • DIN 2491x series

Piston rings are found in all piston engines and in the majority of compressors and pumps. We also find piston rings in many other applications such as gearboxes, turbochargers and gasification plants. They provide a seal as well as lubrication and thermal conduction between the piston and the cylinder wall.

Piston ring types

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Piston rings play an important part in combustion engines, and can be used as sealants for other applications. There are different types of piston rings, with each type having its own function: compression rings, scraper rings and oil control rings. A combination of these piston rings ensures combustion engines operate properly.

Piston ring types

Piston ring joints

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Depending on the application, other piston rings can be used besides the standard joints. Besides the standard joint, piston rings can also be delivered with a hook joint, bevel joint, lap joint, gas-tight joint, side joint, inner joint and increased joint.

Piston ring joints

Piston ring options

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For very specific applications, there for various options available for piston rings such as the piston ring with a broken inner or outer side and the piston ring with internal beveling or an internal recess.

Piston ring options

Download piston ring brochure

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Download the brochure in which you will find everything about our piston rings. You can read more about the function of piston rings in the brochure and there is an extensive overview of all piston ring types, lock types, options and coatings.

Download brochure

Need custom piston rings?

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In the case of very specific applications, the necessary piston rings may not be in stock. We also offer options for specially produced piston rings in any desired size and design. Delivery times are possible from 24 hours.

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