Properties of hardened ground shafts materials

Features shafts stock

Corrosion resistant steels

Hardened ground shafts made from X46 or X90 are available for application in e.g. the medical or food industries.

Hard chrome coating

Hard chromed hardened ground shafts are very suitable when high wear resistance and corrosion resistance are required.

Special coatings

Other coatings such as Zn-Fr or special chrome coatings are available on demand.

Features shafts stock

Cross section hardened ground shafts

Cross-section TS shaft with hardened layer
THN hardened ground shaft cross-section

Cross-section TS shaft with hardened layer and chrome
THN hardened ground shaft cross-section

Cross-section TT hollow shaft with hardened layer
THN hardened ground shaft cross-section

THN Linear Shafts 02

Different materials, properties, dimensions and tolerances

Per request THN can also supply other materials such as 100Cr6, 42CrMo4 or 50CrV4. In consultation, it is also possible to supply special coatings, dimensions or tolerances. This is usually possible with ready-machined shafts or, if there is sufficient demand, in trade length of approx. 6 meters. THN also has a number of specials in stock. Contact us for the possibilities.

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Article code and materials

The composition of the article code for the type, material and size is as follows:

[Type] [Diameter] [Tolerance] [Material] [Extra] X [Length]

Composition shafts
TypeTS Solid shafts
TT Hollow shafts
TD Radially pre-drilled shafts
DiameterNominal diameter in mm or inch


Diameter tolerance

MaterialMaterial code
ExtraAddition for extra features such as a chrome layer
LengthLength of the shaft in mm

The code of a hardened ground solid shaft in diameter 25mm with an h7 tolerance and a chrome layer in the material CF53 with a length of 1244mm is:

TS 025.00 h7 CF53 CHROME X 1244

Product finder shafts

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Find the right shaft for your applications with the online product finder. Enter the values you need, choose a type of shaft and the product finder will calculate the maximum deflection of the shaft. This way you immediately know which axles are most suitable for your application.

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Materials and shaft properties

Shaft types
CodeDescriptionMetric / InchDimension
TSSolid shaftsMetric3 to 120mm
TTHollow shaftsMetric12 to 80mm
TSSolid shaftsInch1/8" to 3"
TDRadially pre-drilled shaftsMetric12 to 50mm

Shaft properties
Steel typeSurface hardness HRCTensile strength N/mm2Surface roughness Ra max.
CF53 (1.1213)min. 59≥ 6100,30
C60 (1.0601)min. 59≥ 6500,30
X46Cr13 (1.4034)min. 52≥ 6500,30
X90CrMoV18 (1.4112)min. 54≥ 7500,30

CF53 is the standard material for solid shafts. For hollow shafts C60 will be used.

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Download our brochure in which you can read everything about our range of hardened ground shafts, ball bushing bearings, bearing housings, shaft bocks and shaft supports. You will find extensive overviews of types, sizes and versions.

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