Mechanical machining of shafts

Mechinal machining of shafts THN 8

Cut to length

In our own linear machining center, the shafts are cut to length. The length tolerances are in accordance with ISO 13002.

Manual chamfer

By default, all shafts are cut to length and deburred manually.

Mechinal machining of shafts THN 8

Axial and radial threaded holes

THN Shafts Operations Drawing 01

Common operations are axial and / or radial tap holes. For axial threaded holes by default we make the thread length 2.5 x D.

THN Shafts Operations Drawing 01

Advice and custom made shafts

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In addition to standard operations such as chamfers and holes, many other operations such as shaft rejuvenation, flat edges and keyways are also possible. We are happy to advise on the required operations and then also produce the drawings for you.

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Length tolerances ground shafts

Standard length tolerances
Shaft length LaLength tolerance
La ≤ 400± 0,5
400 < La ≤ 1000± 0,8
1000 < La ≤ 2000± 1,2
2000 < La ≤ 4000± 2,0
4000 < La ≤ 6000± 3,0

* Length tolerances according ISO 13002 | ** Different length tolerances are available on request

Product finder shafts

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Find the right shaft for your applications with the online product finder. Enter the values you need, choose a type of shaft and the product finder will calculate the maximum deflection of the shaft. This way you immediately know which axles are most suitable for your application.

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Download linear brochure

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Download our brochure in which you can read everything about our range of hardened ground shafts, ball bushing bearings, bearing housings, shaft bocks and shaft supports. You will find extensive overviews of types, sizes and versions.

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Need custom shafts?

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Are you looking for hardened shafts and do you want direct contact with a technical advisor? Call us on +31 (0)53 - 432 34 46 or send an email to We are happy to help.

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