Fey Laminar rings

Fey laminar rings

Fey laminar rings are single- or double-wound steel seal rings. They combine a low-contact multi-labyrinth with a small joint gap. Fey laminar rings are primarily effective for grease seals and for retaining liquids, dirt and dust. In addition the excellent sealing properties for rotating parts, with their low friction and small contact surface Fey laminar rings provide a significant reduction in temperature and wear and tear. This makes the seals highly suitable for applications involving high speeds and applications where high requirements are placed on temperature and/or friction values.

Types of laminar rings

Fey laminar rings are available as single- or double-wound laminar rings (AS and IS) with a joint gap and double-wound laminar rings (ASD and ISD) without a joint gap. The use of the various types depends on the operation. This means that the operational circumstances, the motion of the parts to be sealed and the leakage requirements have an influence. Besides using one or more externally or internally clamping rings, a combination of the two in one groove can be opted for.

Fey laminar rings official website

Fey laminar rings website

THN has over 30 years’ experience with Fey laminar rings, and we have been the official agency of Fey Lamellenringe GmbH since 2006. This is why we have an official website for Fey laminar rings, where you can find all of the information concerning these seal rings. This high level of expertise that we have now acquired means we are happy to advise you on your technical sealing solutions.

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Fey laminar rings website

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